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Value Over Profit

My Pocket Tech strives to provide professional tech service through local college students who have the passion and drive to provide only the greatest work at an affordable cost to our clients. We strives to not only provide a job, experience, and portfolio for our local college students, but to also benefit our clients with this budget saving service that gives you a positive way to change someones future.

  • Education Success – Providing a way to help students pay to further their education, provide work experience, & grow their portfolio.

  • Quality Control  We ensure all detail is at its best before we submit the final product to our clients.

  • Cost Effective – We know starting a business is not cheap, which is why we strive to provide quality on a budget.

“My mission is to help students & small business owners” – Kagen Boyden

Small Business Focused

Unlike large corporations who have the budget for advertising to get their products/services in font of consumers, most small businesses do not have this needed advantage, which can greatly affect the outcome of your business. We decided to support small businesses across the United States. Not only offering them the same advantage with beautifully modern advertising methods, but keeping all of it on a low cost budget.

  • US Made – All business will be handled within the USA. All customer service representatives will be in the USA.

  • Results Orientated Quickly striving to provide excellent service to our clients & their business requirements.

  • Tech Updated – Old technology can make an impact on productivity and customer base. Stay updated with the latest on the market.

“Making the internet beautiful” – John Tatum

Website Design

Need help? Let us build & design your next website


99% server up-time guarantee


Website maintenance or PC problems

Graphic Design

Beauty, detail, & precision in every pixel

“Honest, hard working young man! I would recommend him over anyone else I know in this business, and I’ve been here a long time.”

CHRIS BEATRICE, La Luz Postmaster

“Kagen is a very great tech. He worked on my computer and saved me so much time in getting back to my business, which requires much work on my computer.”


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